Welcome to Bistro Nami. Or, as you may hear our chef’s say when you dine with us, Uerukamu.

Bistro Nami is a unique hibachi restaurant and sushi bar not because of its name but because of a belief we live and eat by. You see, we feel strongly that good food starts out as fresh food, and if it’s not fresh it’s not going to be found at our tables.

We’re not shy to say that it makes us smile when we hear people whisper at their table about how we use “real” vegetables and not canned goods, or how fresh the seafood is, or how enormous each cut of sushi is or how the filet mignon melts in the mouth. It’s planned that way each day. So come see for yourself why we’ve become the buzz of the west suburbs. And if you can’t dine with us, call ahead and we’ll have your order ready for pick-up.